The collective

Old Masters is a young collective composed of Marius Schaffter (performer and geographer), Jérôme Stünzi (stage designer and artist) and Sarah André (writer, artist and stage designer, aka André André). Drawn by an aesthetic of derision, they undertake to deconstruct scientific and artistic discourse by evoking beauty and truth at the table of the mundane and the insignificant, while at the same time drawing from a modest reservoir of means and skills. They inscribe themselves lightly, both with their name and their practice in the hopeful wake of these old masters, which pictorial compositions, and especially their own readings of their works, inspired them deeply. Founded by Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi in 2014, the collective has been enriched by the presence of Sarah André during the creation of Fresque in 2016. Additionally they collaborate regularly with the following artists in different roles : Charlotte Herzig, Jonas Bühler, Nicholas Stücklin, Sofia Teillet, Jérémy Chevalier, Jean Rochat. The association Pâquis production in Geneva, under the responsability of Laure Chapel, assumes cleverly its administration.
In 2014, Old Masters created Constructionisme, a performative apparatus for the creation, analysis and dissection of objects of study. Constructionisme won Premio in 2015, a prize for newcomers in the performing arts. Since its creation, Constructionisme has been presented in many festivals, museums or universities; in French, in English and in German; in Switzerland (Luzern, Lancy, Lausanne, Baden, Bern, Geneva, Zürich, Vevey, Basel, Biel/Bienne), in France (Swiss Cultural Centre of Paris and at the Centre Pompidou), in Lithuania (Vilnius) and in Brazil (São Paulo).
With Fresque, created in 2016 at the TU – Théâtre de l’usine in Geneva, Old Masters has deepened and amplified its approach to creation and performance by surrounding themselves with a bigger creative team. In doing so Old Masters has written, published and staged its first theatre piece that, by means of a stage apparatus and a simple situation, tells the overwhelming story of two individuals and especially of a stage object, the module. Fresque will be shown in 2017 at the Centre culturel suisse in Paris and at l’Arsenic in Lausanne in 2018. May 2018, the piece has been selected and staged at the Stückemarkt of the Theatertreffen in Berlin. It’s been again presented in Berlin at the Ballhaus Ost September 2018.
2018, Old Masters creates L’impression, a therapeutic stage piece about life in general, co-produced by TU – Théâtre de l’usine in Geneva and Arsenic in Lausanne.
Previously Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi had both worked on the piece Introducing Schaffter & Stauffer created by Gregory Stauffer and Marius Schaffter that was presented at l’Usine theatre in 2014, at Festival Something Raw in Amsterdam, at the Swiss Dance Days in Zurich, at Festival Skorohod in Saint Petersburg, at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, at the Swiss Cultural Centre in Paris in 2015, as well as the Arsenic theatre in Lausanne in 2016.