Bande originale

After painting and sculpture, Old Masters continues its enterprise of reappropriating the major arts with its powerful tools of modest art. Based on a musical work created for the occasion by Nicholas Stücklin, Old Masters proposes a radical scenic experience: a collective listening of a sound piece, adorned with a text as a surtitle and with living paintings of striking minimalism.

Bande originale appears as the manifesto of a small group of beings, both ultimate post-apocalyptic survivors and post-neolithic ancestors. Their discourse intertwines political claims, philosophical observations and biographical stories with humor, violence and sweetness. They affirm their vision of the collective, a total solidarity based on absolute despair.

15th – 18th Sept 2021 – Festival de la Bâtie, Le Grütli, Genève (CH)
25th – 30th May 2021 – Arsenic, Lausanne (CH)

«On devrait douter de ce qu’on pense», Katia Berger, Tribune de Genève, 16th sept 2021

A piece by Old Masters
Original soundtrack: Nicholas Stücklin
Text, staging, stage design, costumes, cast: Sarah André, Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi
Light design : Joana Oliveira
Artistic collaboration : Anne Delahaye
Administration: Laure Chapel – Pâquis production
Touring: Tristan Barani
Co-production : Le Grütli, Genève and Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne

Pro Helvetia – Fondation suisse pour la culture, Organe genevois de répartition de la Loterie romande, Fondation Leenards, SSA Bourse de composition musicale, Fonds d’Encouragement pour l’Emploi des Intermittents Genevois